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I don’t believe in Christmas miracles, but when I see the sexy little thing standing on the side of the road with a flat tire, I’m pretty sure Santa must have come early.

Jess is sweet, optimistic, and way too young. I know she’ll never go for a gristly older man like me — especially when she learns that I’m a shifter.

But when I drag her back to my cabin to wait out the storm, my wolf screams mine. He wants me to claim this sweet woman for my own and spend Christmas Eve ravaging her tight little body.

There’s only one thing holding me back: Jess has a secret.

After twelve years in the marines, I can handle anything this spunky little thing throws at me. But will she run when she learns I’m a wolf?

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I’m no alpha — I’m something scarier. As a delta wolf, I can influence other people’s emotions — even the emotions of an entire pack. This ability served me well interrogating terrorists for the CIA. But I don’t do that anymore.


I moved to the mountains to escape my demons, but somehow they still find me. When my alpha asks me to help a traumatized she-wolf heal her wounds, I can’t say no.

The instant I lay eyes on the beautiful creature before me, my wolf screams mine. He wants me to drag her back to my cabin and claim her as my own.

Remy has suffered at the hands of shifters — evil men who abused her for being submissive. Fear is pain, and my gorgeous little she-wolf is scared of her own shadow. She’d never want me if she knew the things I’d done.


Still, I’m determined to ease her suffering and coax out the beautiful woman hiding behind the wolf. But will Remy ever see me as more than a monster? 

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