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The Villa

The Dominican Republic is a living postcard. It’s why we chose it for our honeymoon. It’s full of waterfalls and white sand beaches and impossibly remote mountain villas that are perfect for two shifters. 

Not that we’ve seen any of that. Remy and I have been married for forty-eight hours, and this is our first time venturing out of the villa. I suppose that’s how you know you’re having a good honeymoon.

My mate stands at the top of a cliff, quivering with nervous indecision over the sparkling blue-green water. At first I think she’s going to chicken out, but then she brings her arms together over her head and pushes off from the cliff.

As she falls into the perfect dive, I get a rare upside-down view of her butt and the long graceful line of her back. Remy’s wearing a daring white bikini that’s basically a thong, and in this moment, I’m glad that we’re in the middle of nowhere in our own private grotto, where no one will see her but me.

There’s a scream, followed by a splash, and I grin at my mate’s fearless spirit.

She emerges from the water like some goddess of the sea, her long red hair heavy and wet. She brushes it out of her eyes and swims for the shore, and I reach down to help her out.

Remy coughs and laughs as she shakes out her hair, and I feel weirdly jealous of the water droplets gliding over her body. The white bikini top is a little see-through, and the round pink buds of her nipples are just visible through the fabric.

“Did you wear that to tease me, little wolf?” I growl, palming Remy’s breast and pinning her against a moss-covered rock.

“Mmm . . . maybe,” says Remy, her hazel eyes dancing with mischief.

“You’re evil,” I say, dragging down one of the little triangles until her breast springs free. I cover her nipple with my mouth and suck, loving the way Remy’s whole body responds.

A soft moan rumbles up her throat, and she grinds her pussy against my leg as her fingers dig into my neck. Fumbling with her bikini strings, I undo the ties and drag it down, flinging her top into the bushes.

I palm her other breast, and Remy’s moans get louder. The sweet scent of female arousal wafts up to greet me, and I reach behind her back to wrap her wet hair around my hand. 

With a gentle tug, I force her head back so our eyes lock. “Wife.”

Remy’s lips part.

For some reason, the sound of that word makes me instantly rock-hard. To shifters, the mating bond is even stronger than marriage, but finally claiming this woman in the eyes of the state makes me unbelievably horny.

Shoving the gusset of her bikini aside, I part her delicate folds and slip a finger inside her. My mate is so fucking wet that I can’t resist. Slowly, I withdraw my finger and slide it into her mouth.

Remy’s perfect lips pucker around my finger, and my cock twitches in my shorts as she tastes her own sweetness. She sucks on my finger, and I nearly blow my load. I need to taste her myself.

Ripping off her bikini bottoms, I heft her up onto the rock and part her creamy thighs. Remy moans as I dive between her legs, thrusting my tongue into her most intimate places and exploring every inch. 

I circle her entrance with my tongue and then lick her from clit to asshole. Her little back door puckers at my touch, and my balls curl up tight to my body.

I long to claim that, too.

Ramming two fingers into her pussy, I watch as my mate opens her mouth in a needy groan. Nude on the rock with her hair spilling out behind her and the waterfall in the background, Remy is a vision. I pump my fingers in and out of her, diving down every so often to lap up her sweet cream.

Her moans grow more pronounced as my thumb starts to circle her clit. Soon she’s riding my hand with abandon, chasing the friction her little body so desperately needs. 

I feel it when she topples over the edge, her pussy squeezing my fingers like a vise. I keep sliding them in and out, milking every wave of her orgasm. 

When she’s finished, I help her slide down off the rock and start to pull myself out of my shorts.

“It’s getting late,” says Remy. “We’d better get back to the villa.”

“I’m not done with you yet,” I growl, my eyes roving over her naked body, which is flushed from her orgasm.

“It’s our honeymoon,” Remy chides. “We need to make love in an actual bed.”

“We will,” I say, fisting my cock. “After I take your cherry all over again.”

But Remy’s eyes are sparkling with that fire I love so much — both in and out of the bedroom. “Only if you can catch me.”

My face falls as her words sink in, and Remy takes off at a sprint. She didn’t bother to put her bikini back on. There’s not a soul around for miles.

Growling, I shove my erection back into my shorts and sprint through the jungle after my mate. Her squeals tell me I’m getting closer, but she had a head start.

Being shifters, the mile run up the hill to our villa is nothing, but I’m breathless for another reason as I see a streak of red hair disappearing over the balcony that conceals our private pool. I push my legs harder as I take the stairs up and fly through the French doors. 

I catch up to Remy just outside our bedroom and tackle her to the bed. She laughs as we land in a tangle of limbs, sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh. My hand finds her damp mound, and I stroke her nub with teasing softness.

“I’m gonna make you pay for that, little wolf,” I snarl. “I might have pulled a muscle.”

Remy’s body quivers with excitement. My mate likes being punished.

The clothes we wore for our beachside ceremony are still piled over the chair beside the bed. I lean over to snatch my silk tie, capturing Remy’s wrists. Her eyes grow wide as I bind them together, not giving her an inch to escape.

Smashing her face into the mattress, I stretch her bound hands over her head and nudge her feet apart. Bending down between her legs, I spread her ass cheeks with my hands to admire her puckered asshole.

Remy shudders as my tongue lashes out, and a fresh gush of her cream trickles down into my mouth. Turning to face away from the bed, I lick her from hole to hole until she’s whimpering into the bedspread. Only then do I slip a finger into her back entrance, stretching her tight little hole.

Remy moans and thrashes her hips against the edge of the bed, trying to get some friction on her clit. With one finger still inside her, I pull her hips back so she can’t get off, earning a growl of protest.

“Don’t worry, little wolf. I’ll relieve that ache between your legs. But I have to punish you first.”

I take my time working her back entrance, wondering if I can make her come without even touching her clit.

But the sounds coming out of her mouth and the sticky cream dripping down her thighs is making patience impossible. Reaching into my shorts, I pull out my cock and ram into my mate. With my free hand, I find her swollen clit, pinching it between my fingers until her walls clamp around me.

I pump in and out of her a grand total of four times before I explode into a thousand pieces, rubbing Remy’s sweet little bud until she tumbles over the edge with me.

We collapse onto the rumpled bedspread, and I bring her bound hands up to encircle my neck. I like having her close like this — and totally at my mercy.

“I love you, wife,” I murmur, planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I love you,” Remy whispers.

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