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Rescued by the Wolf Bonus Scene

Kellan gets the shower running and carries me inside, setting me down on the little tile bench before ducking out again. He reappears with a loofah and a bar of soap. 

Why this rough and gruff mountain man owns a loofah, I have no idea, but color me excited.

I’m still feeling relaxed and lazy from my orgasm, but I perk up as Kellan glides the bar of soap over the loofa, working it into a soapy lather.

I hold my breath as he drops to one knee, holding my gaze as he slides the loofa over my shoulders, across my sternum, and down between my breasts.

Since the man just fucked me on his table, I’m surprised by the effect of his touch. When his knuckles graze the swell of my breast, I feel a warm gush between my thighs.

My breathing becomes ragged as he drags the loofa down my stomach and nudges my legs apart. My pussy throbs as he moves it down the inside of my thigh toward my knee, spreading me wider and wider until the water is beating down on my most sensitive parts.

Soap sluices between my breasts and into the creases of my thighs. Kellan takes my nipple between his teeth, and I cry out as his beard prickles my skin.

His fingers move between my legs again before he bends to kiss my delicate folds. Then he sucks one lip into his mouth, and I feel the pressure inside me building.

Dragging his beard along my inner seam, he sends a thousand bolts of lightning shooting through my pussy. I clamp my thighs together and fist his hair, grinding against him with a wanton moan.

Kellan nips and sucks at my clit, licking just under the hood until I can’t hold on any longer. I explode into a million pieces, my warm cream mixing with the shower water and running between my legs. 

We’re both breathing hard by the time he pulls away, running a hand down his beard to wipe away my juices. He lifts me up and tugs me out of the shower, not bothering to turn off the faucet.

I’m unprepared for the change in venue, and I start to slip as soon as my feet touch the wet tile. I let out a shriek and Kellan lunges, capturing my wrist to steady me. But then the big hulking mountain man lurches back, and the two of us go down. 

Somehow, I land splayed across Kellan’s middle with my ass in the air.

“Are you okay?” I manage, the words coming out slightly strangled from the pressure on my chest.

“Fine,” he grunts. “What about you?”

“Fine.” A crazy laugh bubbles out of me, and when I look down at Kellan, he’s staring up at me in amazement. 

He threads his fingers through my hair, pulling me down for a kiss. He tastes tangy and a little sweet, and my core tightens when I realize I’m tasting my own arousal.

Hooking one leg around his thigh, I sit up so I’m straddling him. Kellan’s cock is hard between my legs, and I lean forward ever so slightly so he presses between my folds.

Sighing in contentment, I close my eyes and start to slide up and down his shaft. Kellan’s fingers tighten on my hips, grinding me against him. 

A slow tingling heat spreads from the apex of my thighs, and I move my hips faster — chasing that friction.

“Come here,” he growls, cupping my ass and catapulting me forward. I open my eyes in time to catch myself before I face-plant. Somehow I landed with his head between my thighs, and I see what he has in mind.

Feeling bold, I seat myself down on Kellan’s face and moan as his tongue flicks at my entrance. I spread my legs wider to give him better access, grinding against his face. His beard creates an overload of sensation, and within seconds I’m teetering on the edge. 

Kellan’s fingers dig into my fleshy ass, tilting me forward to lick my swollen nub. 

I scream as my orgasm rocks through me, and Kellan’s tongue slows to languid circles as he laps up my wetness.

I push myself up to see his face and am startled by the intensity of his expression. His face is slack, but his eyes are focused. It looks a lot like . . . love.

But that can’t be right. I just met this man. And yet I feel as though I belong here with him.

Shuffling backward, I position myself over his cock and slowly lower myself onto him. My body has to stretch to accommodate his girth, and I wince at the mix of pain and pleasure. 

Kellan’s brow furrows in an expression of ecstasy, and it gives me a secret thrill to know I can elicit such a reaction from this man. 

I rock forward slowly, reveling in the feeling of his manhood filling me, and bring forth a tortured hiss from Kellan. 

Smiling wickedly, I glide back down onto him again before rocking forward and thrusting down more forcefully. I roll my hips, exploring the sensations of each new angle and grinding my pubic bone against him.

I start to feel my orgasm building and snap my hips faster.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me like a good girl.”

Something about those words sends a gushing-hot warmth surging straight to my core, and I lift my hips and slam back down to feel him stretch my insides. Soft moans slip out of me as Kellan grips my ass, pulling me down with each thrust to heighten the sensation.

Finally, a dam breaks somewhere inside of me, and the wave of pleasure is almost too much. I cry out and feel a warm gush as Kellan fills me with his seed.

Folding my body over his, I rest my head against his chest and listen to the reassuring thump of his heart. I don’t know if Kellan meant what he said about me being his, but I want him to be mine.

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