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Tempted by the Wolf Bonus Scene

The ref thrusts my arm into the air, and the crowd goes wild. Two bikini-clad mountain-lion shifters appear to bring me my title belt, but I’m already squinting through the cage wall to lay eyes on my mate in the crowd.

Elena bursts into the octagon just as they slide the championship belt onto my waist. My mate’s face is tear-stained after watching the fight, and the sight is like a punch to the gut. If I hadn’t already decided that this would be my last fight, the look on her face would have sealed the deal.

She launches herself into my arms, and I lift her up so she can wrap her legs around my waist. 

It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been working toward the title. Victory doesn’t taste as sweet as this.

My team floods into the cage behind her, slapping me on the back and congratulating me. Rafael slides in just behind Coach. He’s the only one dressed in a collared shirt, but the front is soaked with his sweat, and his hair is mussed as though he was running his hands through it.

Had they all been that worried for me?

When she sees her brother, Elena releases me, hurriedly scrubbing away her mascara streaks for the pictures. I keep a firm grip on her waist, not wanting to let her out of my sight.

It’s a good twenty minutes before I’m able to escape the crowd and duck into the locker room. Only fighters are allowed back here, but I drag Elena with me anyway.

Even with Raf here to look out for her, leaving my mate in a stadium full of shifters puts my wolf on edge. It’s been that way since I claimed her. My protective instincts are running on overdrive.

As soon as we’ve reached the privacy of the locker room, Elena turns and slams me against the nearest bank of lockers.

My eyes widen at her show of force, and my stomach flips over. Elena has never tried to dominate me in the bedroom, and I think I like this side of her. I’m not sure if she’s angry or turned-on, though, so I keep my mouth shut.

“No more fights,” says Elena, her voice strained from the stress of the evening. “I can’t go through watching you get your face beat in one more time.”

“I wouldn’t say I got my face beat in . . .”

Elena’s nostrils flare.

“No more fights,” I agree quickly, grinning down at this tiny woman who holds me in the palm of her hand.

“I mean it, Jacob Michael Carson,” says Elena, jabbing her finger into my chest.

“I swear.”

Elena’s brows scrunch in surprise, and all the aggression seems to drain out of her. I can tell she was expecting more of a fight, and she doesn’t seem to know what to say.

“I planned on retiring as soon as I won the title,” I tell her. “And I just don’t need to fight the way I used to.”



She searches my face, utterly perplexed, and her eyes narrow in suspicion. “Why?”

I shrug. “Just not as hungry for it, I guess — not since I got the girl.”

For a moment, Elena just stares at me. Then she presses her lips against my mouth in a passionate, needy kiss. I open my mouth to let her in, and she groans as her teeth scrape mine.

A low growl rumbles up my throat, and I grip the back of her neck to bring her closer.

Elena struggles against my mouth, all teeth and tongue and aggression. I can practically taste the adrenaline on her lips. Watching a fight will do that to a person.

Elena’s hand sneaks down the front of my shorts, but I’m already rock hard for her. She starts to jerk me in rough, angry strokes, and I use a little of my shifter speed and strength to push off the wall, spin us around, and pin her against the lockers.

Elena freezes as her head presses into the cold metal, and her brows come together in a glare.

I lean down to press a kiss to the spot just beneath her ear, trying not to laugh at her expression. “Sweetheart, if you’re gonna take my cock in that soft little hand of yours, you’d better be prepared for the consequences . . .”

A shiver rolls through her at my words, but the scent of her arousal wafts up to greet me.

“Consequences?” she squeaks.

“Consequences,” I repeat, sliding my hand up her inner thigh. 

It’s a good thing I didn’t see what she was wearing before the fight, because I would have lost.

She’s wearing this dangerously short little skirt and a tank top that shows just a hint of midriff. Her nipples are putting on a show for me through the fabric, and I reach up to pinch her left one — hard.

Elena growls at my rough touch, and my other hand reaches up to palm her mound. She’s completely soaked.

Yanking the lace of her panties aside, I groan as my fingers brush her bare wet pussy. Her thighs are already slick with her juices, and the smooth skin of her outer lips contrast deliciously with the prickle of hair that runs down her seam.

I take my time caressing her slit, reveling in the way she quivers at my touch.

Bending down on one knee, I hike her skirt up around her waist so I can see how turned on she is. That little bundle of nerves is a deeper pink than usual — swollen with arousal. 

I lean forward and give it a gentle flick with my tongue, nearly coming in my pants when her body jerks at the contact. I swirl my tongue around the angry little nubbin, capturing it between my teeth and delivering a playful nip.

Elena squeals and bucks against me, her body begging for more friction. I oblige by sucking and kissing and licking, gripping her ass for better leverage as I lavish attention on her clit.

Her breathy pants tell me she’s close, and I pull back and get to my feet. I ram two fingers into her tight, wet heat, gritting my teeth as I imagine what my dick will feel like inside of her. 

Elena gasps and grips my member harder, and I slowly withdraw my fingers. I ram them back in and hit the end of her, pulling a soft grunt from those perfect lips.

Lena starts to jerk me as I work her pussy, rubbing tight circles over her clit as my fingers pump in and out. Soon her moans of contentment fill the locker room, and she starts to ride my hand. Her skirt is bunched around her waist, and she’s bare-assed against the locker.


In all my adolescent fantasies, I never imagined I’d be finger-fucking my beautiful mate in the men’s locker room. I know another fighter could walk in any moment, but that only makes it hotter.

Ripping the Velcro at my waist aside, I slide my dick out of my shorts and position myself between her thighs so Elena is riding my shaft. She groans as she slides up and down my length, her swollen clit growing even more engorged as she grinds on my cock.

I can’t take it anymore. 

I’m still amped up from the fight, and my wolf is desperate to have our mate.

In one swift motion, I lift her hips and fill her with my length. Elena screams as I hit the end of her, my member stretching every inch of her perfect little cunt.

Luckily, the roar of the crowd outside is deafening, or else that scream would have brought everyone running.

Lifting her bare ass with my hands, I pull out almost to the tip before ramming all the way back in. Elena’s nails dig into my shoulders, but she’s trying hard not to make another sound as I fill her to the hilt.

Bracing her against the lockers, I set a punishing rhythm. Elena grunts and moans and claws at my back, but she never tells me to stop or slow down. Instead, she digs her heels into my ass to drive my dick in harder.

The locker doors rattle as I fuck her, my cock slick and wet with her nectar. Elena screams again as she comes, and my knees wobble at the feeling of her walls clenching around me.

I come inside of her half a second later, my whole body sagging in relief as my cum spills into her.

In that instant, I feel everything — the wet softness of her core, the rasp of her tank top against my flesh, and the light caress of her thighs wrapped around my waist.

The sounds of our breath drown out the crowd. It’s as if we’re the only two people on earth.

I give her a slow, languid kiss before lowering Elena to her feet and dropping to my knees. 

“W-what are you doing?” she asks in panicked bewilderment as I reach up to grip her soaking-wet panties. They’re still shoved to the inside of her thigh, and she shudders at the contact as I straighten the lace crotch, rubbing it against her sensitive nub.

“Taking a little souvenir,” I say, flashing her a wicked grin as I slide them down her legs.


I waggle my eyebrows and tug down her skirt, which is a little rumpled in the back.

“But I’m —” Elena flushes and bites her lip. “Jake, I need my underwear.” A nervous chuckle slips out of her like a hiccup, and in that moment, she looks every inch of the innocent virgin I deflowered at Carmen’s wedding.

Looks can be deceiving. 


I can’t see my cum running down the inside of her leg, but I can sure smell it. So will any shifter who dares come near her. It’s almost better than the mating mark.

“Jake, give me back my underwear!”

“No.” I fix her with that slightly scary wolfish look that I know makes her instantly wet. “You are mine, Elena,” I growl, staring hard into her eyes. “And I want every shifter here to know it.”

Elena opens and closes her mouth several times, but no words come out. I turn to grab my bag, stuffing her panties inside, then lead my mate out of the locker room into the waiting crowd.

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