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Northern Lights

“Wow,” I say, taking refuge from the blowing snow and looking around our accommodations for the week.

I’m standing in a glass igloo surrounded by towering spruce trees, which are covered in a thick blanket of snow. A luxurious king bed draped in furs dominates the domed interior, but I can’t tear my eyes away from the spectacle going on just outside our igloo.

A riot of green, purple, and blue light flickers over the snowy forest, making me feel as though I’ve completely left planet Earth.

Situated two hundred and fifty kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights. Garrett surprised me with tickets just a few weeks ago — a honeymoon and babymoon all rolled into one.

“This is . . .” I shake my head, utterly lost for words. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d see anything as spectacular as this. Dog sleds cutting across the wild Arctic. Reindeer lazily munching in a pen. The heavens putting on what feels like a private marvel just for us.

“I knew you’d like it,” says my mate, who hasn’t moved from his spot inside the door.

I turn to find him staring at me — not the incredible light show going on outside. The green light reflects in his silvery-blue eyes, and I feel a swoop of heat between my legs.

“Like it?” I rasp. “I love it. I . . .” There are no words for the overwhelming love and gratitude swelling in my chest. “This is the best gift ever.”

Garrett breaks into a huge smile, crossing the distance between us and pulling me against his hard chest. “You’re the best gift ever.”

“Now you’re making me feel like an asshole,” I mumble, grinning despite myself.

“Nah. I was the one who was hoping these things would be unheated so we’d have to huddle together naked for warmth.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Oh. Well, now it all makes sense.” 

Garrett presses a soft kiss to my cheek before moving down to my neck. His lips graze the sensitive spot just under my jaw, and my knees start to wobble.

“I guess we could just . . . turn off the heat,” I say, tilting my head back to give him better access.

“Oh, yeah?” His warm breath tickles my sensitive skin, and I clench my thighs together as a gush of warm wetness seeps into my panties.


“Now you’re talking,” Garrett growls, raking his fingers through my hair and crushing his lips against mine. His stubble pricks at my lower lip, and I open my mouth for him as he meets me with a clash of teeth and tongue.


I’ll never get used to the way my body responds to him, flushing with heat as goosebumps race over my skin. My breathing becomes embarrassingly ragged and shallow, and my core pounds with desire.

I need him inside me — now.

As if the mating mark gave him the ability to read my thoughts, Garrett hauls me onto the giant bed and lays me out under the dancing rainbow of purple, green, and blue. The way the sky looks up here, I feel as though I could reach a finger up and caress the heavens themselves.

Garrett tugs at my boots and chucks them across the igloo, and I help by wriggling out of my leggings and pulling off my cashmere parka.

I’m left splayed across the bed in nothing but a silver lace bra and a pair of matching see-through panties. My breasts are heavy — practically spilling out of my bra — and my enormous pregnant belly hangs over the waistband. But lying here in the glow of the aurora borealis under Garrett’s adoring gaze, I’ve never felt so beautiful.

“I — have — the sexiest — wife,” Garrett growls, his eyes glowing silver as they devour every inch of me.

I shiver. My nipples are two hard peaks poking through the lace of my bra, and a fresh gush of wetness drips out of me. There’s something about hearing him call me his wife that really turns me on.

“I feel huge,” I confess.

But Garrett’s wolfish gaze incinerates any lingering self-consciousness. He runs his tongue along his lower lip as he gently caresses my bump. “Angel, seeing you swollen with my seed like this . . . It’s the sexiest thing in the world.” 

He sucks his bottom lip between his teeth, and I look down to find proof of his desire straining against his jeans. “I’d get you pregnant every year if I could.”

He cups my breast through the lace of my bra, kneading it gently with his huge hand as he plants a kiss on my belly. He tweaks my nipple through the fabric, and the friction of the scratchy material against the sensitive skin sends another flood of cream bursting out of me. 

With his other hand, he reaches between my thighs, showing his canines as his smile broadens. “Angel, you’re fucking soaked.”

My cheeks heat. He’s not wrong. The evidence of my need for him has completely drenched the lace.

“Mmm,” he groans, gently rubbing me through the material and pulling a needy moan from my lips.

Hooking my panties to the side, he parts my dripping folds and plunges two fingers inside me. I gasp at the sudden feeling of fullness as he hits the very end of me. 

“Fuck, Ava,” he whispers, fumbling as he tries to undo his belt with his one free hand.

I reach over to help unzip his fly, and he thrusts a hand into his pants, tucking his erection into his waistband so the tip barely sticks out of his pants. I whimper at the sight of him, and his gaze turns feral.

Ripping down the straps of my bra, he tugs down the lace until my breasts spring free. He uses both hands to take one swollen globe into his mouth, sucking me until I feel that I might come from that alone.

Fabric rips as he tears the expensive lingerie from my body, leaving me naked from the waist up. I pull off his shirt and tug him close, delighting in the feel of his hard muscles against the softest parts of me.

Garrett plants a trail of wet kisses down the center of my body, pausing to lavish attention all over my belly before continuing his journey south. He rips my panties off with his teeth, and the sudden cool air on my pussy is quickly replaced by his hot, demanding mouth.

I cry out at the overload of sensation, which feels like a thousand icy sparks being extinguished by a blazing fire. My whole body goes stiff as Garrett’s wicked tongue thrusts inside of me, circling my inner walls.

He parts my flushed lips with his fingers, and I clench around his tongue automatically. There’s something about being completely exposed to him like this that makes me feel vulnerable and excited.

Pulling back to admire my glistening pussy, Garrett runs his thumb up my center to reach my throbbing clit. He meets my gaze as he pushes up under it, and I open my mouth in a loud moan.

“You like that, angel?” he asks, pinching my swollen nub between his fingers and giving it a gentle tug.

My moan rises in pitch, and I lift my head off the bed just as Garrett rams two fingers inside me again. He dives down to add his tongue to the mix, lathing roughly at my clit. 

Stars dance in my vision, superimposed over the swirl of color in the sky, and I feel my flood of desire burst like a dam in my core as I come all over him.

As Garrett pulls back, I see his gaze linger on the little moon-shaped scar nestled in the soft flesh where my neck meets my shoulder. The mating bite was just a formality, since he embedded his scent in me the night of the accident, but I’m honored to wear his mark.

Something like pride dances in his eyes as he looks me over, and I reach down to help him out of his jeans. His enormous cock springs free, and I spread my legs for him.

Garrett isn’t slow or gentle. I feel every ounce of his need as he rams into my pussy — filling me to the hilt. I gasp as he hits the end of my channel, the strange mix of pain and pleasure making my head spin.

He looks magnificent, towering over me. His muscles are tense with concentration. Honey-brown curls hang in his face, softening the sharp lines of his brow. The northern lights swirl all around him, bathing his skin in an azure glow as he slides in and out of me.

With every thrust, I feel the pressure building once again in my core — feel myself teetering closer to the edge. 

“More,” I rasp, staring up into those silvery-blue eyes with a look I hope conveys the intensity of my need. “Fuck me, Garrett.”

Something I’ve never seen before flickers across his face, and his mouth twists into a devilish grin. “As you wish, angel.”

This time, Garrett seats himself down in one hard thrust, and I gasp from the overload of sensation. I squeeze my eyes shut, but then his fingers lift my chin, and I open them again.

“No, angel,” he growls. “I want you to look at me while I fuck you. I want to see your face when you come all over my cock.”

I nod, breathing hard as he plunges deeper and deeper. The pressure inside me is almost unbearable, and I dig my fingernails into his perfect toned ass to ward off the urge to scream.

“Let go, angel,” comes Garrett’s voice, rough and sexy in my ear. “Let go. No one can hear you out here.”

Although I hadn’t consciously been silencing myself, Garrett’s command seems to unleash some long-restrained part of me. An animalistic cry rips from my throat, and my channel shudders around him. 

Garrett hisses as my walls milk his cock, and I feel a hot spurt of liquid as he fills me with his cum. His skin is slick with sweat as he pumps in and out, my pussy still spasming.

“Wow,” I breathe as he goes still, running a hand through my hair and then dropping my arm back onto the bed.

Garrett’s eyebrows lift in a cocky expression, but I’m too wrung out to care that I’ve managed to inflate his ego even more. My muscles feel heavy and spent, but inside I’m lighter than ever.

Garrett collapses on the bed beside me, drawing me against his chest and pulling a blanket over us. A delicious warmth overtakes me, and I start to feel groggy and stupidly happy as I watch the spectacle of lights through the domed glass ceiling.

A few months ago, I never thought I could travel the world and have a family. I thought this baby would end my life before it even got started.

And yet here I am, curled up against the man I love with a sweet baby boy doing somersaults in my belly. I’m perched on what feels like the edge of the world, watching a true miracle of nature.

All my life, I’ve wanted to escape from home. But I never considered that home didn’t have to be a place. Home could be a person.

Threading my fingers through Garrett’s, I realize that while my old life did end, the new life that replaced it is better than anything I could have possibly imagined. 

No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I’ll never have to leave home again. 

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